What Tools Are Available?

What tools are available to help you choose interior paint colors.  Most of my homeowners get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing interior paint colors.  They don’t know where to turn to, who to call, or how to go about the process.  

Thankfully, you truly don’t need to paint your interior but every three to five years.  That timeframe just depends upon wear and tear and keeping your home current with design trends & styles.  You might be tired of those out-dated colors and now interested in something new and vibrant. We recommend to our clients a couple different ideas on how to choose interior paint colors.

Color Visualizers

If you’re looking to do just one room, we would recommend going to some of the major paint manufacturers that provide color visualizers. You’ll need to spend a little time here on working with them, but it is a great way to see what color looks good in the freshly remodeled kitchen. These color visualizers are available in the paint stores at Benjamin Moore Color Visualizer and Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer.  

Another great place to find color selections is on the internet. We recommend going to Pinterest or Houzz to get some great ideas for your home. Check out my Pinterest board for interior paint color choices.  

Local Paint Store

Keep it simple. Seems obvious, but sometimes going to your local paint store is your best bet.  I’d recommend you go to a professional paint store and not a big box store.  The local Sherwin Williams or J.C. Licht store will have staff there who know what are the current paint color trends and be able to guide you in the right direction.

Your local paint store will have many paint charts that have been put together by interior designers back at their corporate offices.  Guaranteed to look great!

Color selection in the end comes down to you and your vision to make your home inviting and comfortable to all that are welcome. There are many options available now to everyone and when you know how to choose interior paint colors, the selection process can be quite fun. 

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