Secrets of the Professional Painters

How to paint 2-story foyer:  It actually is more complicated than it seems.  Mark gives you the tools you’ll need and from there, you can make a decision to DIY or hire a professional.



Preparing Foyer Before Painting

In order to not have a total mess on your hands and control dust when painting or remodeling, getting your hardwood flooring, carpeting, stairs, and surrounding furniture and lighting covered properly is a must so you know how to paint 2-story foyer properly:

  • Gets your Floors covered and Stairs covered
    • Use a Tarp with Rubber Beads on the Back
    • or try Rosin Paper to cover the floors
  • Cover carpeting with a roll of Plastic that has tackiness on one side.  Sticks to carpeting easily and removes easily
  • Cover handrails with 9-mil plastic
  • Drape off all furniture and chandeliers with a light plastic tarp

how to paint 2-story foyer

Preparing the Surfaces to be Painted in Foyer

Ultimately, preparing the surface is critical in order to have an excellent paint job and know how to paint 2-story foyer.  Without proper preparing of the surface, as shown below, your walls and ceiling can look horrible.  When hiring a contractor, you truly should do your due diligence and check out a contractor based on his knowledge and skills so the job is done right, and not make your hiring decisions on price.

  • Mask off trim work
  • Get walls sanded
  • Repair cracks and nail pops;  sand between coats;  make sure to prime these patches so it doesn’t flash

Ladder Talk

Let’s start with ladders.  There are a few ladders you might need for the project, depending upon how high your 2-story foyer is or how large the foyer is.  Most foyers are 18-24 feet up high.  Check out your supply of ladders you might need to rent:

  • 20-24 Foot Extension Ladder, with Stabilizer
  • Scaffold
  • Articulated Ladder – I use a product called Little Giant

How to Paint 2-Story Foyer:  Many Paint Choices

When it comes to painting the 2-story foyer, you have many choices as far as finishes as well as paint colors.  Let’s break it down to make it a bit manageable.

Paint Finishes:

  • Ceilings:  use a low to medium grade flat – you won’t be washing it that often, so you don’t need to break the bank here on a high-grade paint.  Get a really “dead flat” paint, so it doesn’t show many imperfections, especially if you have a lot of lighting up there.
  • Walls:  Two Choices:
    • High-End Matte Finish – My favorite finish for the walls in my home is to use Benjamin Moore Regal Select matte or Sherwin Williams Emerald
    • Eggshell Finish

Paint Colors:  What are the Paint Color Trends for 2017?

Painters Tip for the Day

While you have the ladders or scaffolding plus all the tarps down, get your picture window up there in the foyer cleaned and maybe even a fresh coat of stain to the trim work (or if it’s painted, a fresh coat of paint).  You don’t know when you’ll get another ladder up there.  Also, it is a great time to dust your chandelier and change out any light bulbs.

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