Power washing exterior of house is vitally important if you want to have good maintenance.

What Parts of the House to Clean

Where should you use that power washer (or some call it a pressure washer) on the exterior of your home?  It goes beyond just the siding.  Here’s a quick list of where you should do regular maintenance:

  1. House Siding
  2. Soffits, Eaves, Fascia
  3. Sidewalks
  4. Decks
  5. Sheds
  6. Gutters (great way to clean out leaves) 

What Does a Pressure Washer Clean Off

Why is a pressure washer so much better than a garden hose to clean off your home?  Let’s look at what it cleans off and see why power washing exterior of house is vital.  Unlike a garden hose, because of the pressure behind the water gun, the power washer gets so much microscopic dirt.  This can include algae and mold.  Once algae get on the surface, it kind of digs in and burrows into your wood siding.  You want to treat algae, mold, and mildew. Mold, on the converse, is airborne and is always there, in the air.  The more your wood siding is damp, the greater the food source.  You’d be surprised how fast molds, algae and mildews grow up on your house, especially on the north side there the sun doesn’t shine on too often. 

Safety Tip When Power Washing Exterior of House

Safety is key when working with water and ladders.  Add in the pressure behind a power washing gun, and it can be a tragedy.  First, where safety goggles and ear plugs.  Never work on a 2-story house up on a ladder with a power washer.  Hire a professional contractor who has proper equipment such as a telescoping pole.  

power washing exterior of house

Power Washing Gutters, Sidewalks, Decks

Everyone always things of power washing in relation to your house siding, but let’s talk about other areas that need annual, regular maintenance cleaning.  Clean out your gutters every year when getting the house siding cleaned too.  It’s a great way to clean out those gutters from the leaves.  Clean your sidewalks too.  They get so much foot traffic, that you’d be surprised how dirty they are.  If you are putting your home on the market, get your sidewalks cleaned, especially the one leading up to the front door.  Finally, decks need twice a year maintenance.  Once from the winter snow and dirt and to get your off to a good start for the summer parties.  But also at the end of the year for a deck gentle cleaning off of the barbeque sauces, spilled wine, and dirty dog paws.

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