Trim Installation Naperville

Have you ever had a room that was not being used because it was unfinished – such as a bonus room or attic room?  Mark shows you what he did at one of his customer’s home.  They wanted the bonus room finished off by trim installation Napervile job.  This video discusses some carpentry work we recently completed in a 5,800 sq. ft. home. The customer had a bonus room. It was basically an empty room with unfinished drywall. Our men finished off the drywall, primed and painted it.

Afterwards, we added an access panel to give the homeowner access to the attic, which was trimmed out with 3/4″ trim.

Finally, we wanted to give the room a balanced feel, so we put in base trim and gave the whole room a coat of interior paint to the walls and new baseboards.

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Contributor: Mark Lotz
Mark Lotz is the owner of Lotz Home & Office, a Naperville Remodeling Contractor and Naperville Painting Company for the past 26 years. You can find Mark at his Google+.