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Naperville painting contractor and remodeler for the past 28 years.  Mark Lotz, 2nd generation contractor, brings a wealth of construction knowledge to your job each time.



Your Home. Your Happiness.™ There is no question that a beautiful home can make the difference in your family, in your career, and in your life.

When your home is remodeled or painted to reflect your individual style and needs, the difference you will see will be growing your relationships with your better half, children, grandchildren, and clients because you naturally will want to spend more time in your beautiful house.

But you need the right contractor that can accomplish your design vision, finish the project on time and on budget, but also can find a solution to your frustrations and problems within your home because he actually listens to you at the planning meeting.

It’s easier than you think.

I have the solution for you. Located in the Naperville area, I’ve been helping families across Chicago and the suburbs for the past 28 years with interior painting, exterior staining, partial or full kitchen remodel projects, and full bathroom remodeling.

There is no secret that the key to my business is the many satisfied customers, and I promise to make your home and your wish list a priority too.

Let’s get started today!