Bathroom Remodeling Estimate

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate


Lotz Home & Office offers a complimentary estimate for your bathroom remodeling project. To get started, please answer a few questions about your home and plans below:

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Are you looking to refresh or remodel your bathroom?
Refresh - Replace old bath with new, within the same "footprint"Remodel - Replace the old with new, with a new "footprint"

What are you replacing?
VanityVanity CountertopFixturesToiletShower AreaTubTile

How old is the bathroom - i.e. when was it last remodeled?

What is the most frustrating area of your bathroom or functionality problem of your bathroom?

To get a better feel of the size of the project, please describe your home:

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Have you ever hired a professional remodeling contractor in the past?
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a. Were you happy? If so, why are you interested in working with another contractor?

b. If you were happy, were you happy with (neatness, timeliness, professionalism, etc.)

c. Were you disappointed? If so, why?

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Any concerns about this project you need to mention?

What is the most important to you?
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Quality of project
Price of project
Service of the project

What do you think the cost of this bathroom remodeling project is going to be?
$5,000 - $10,000$10,000 - $20,000$20,000 - $30,000$30,000 and above

How did you find out about us?

InternetMailingNewspaperYard sign in neighborhoodRadioTV adReferred by friend - Who? (We love to thank our referrals.)

To help serve you better, it's great if you can provide photos. By providing the best amount of information on this project, you can budget properly.


Lotz Home & Office serves bathroom remodeling clients in Naperville, Plainfield, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, St. Charles, Lisle, Warrenville and throughout northern Illinois.

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