Many times we get all excited to start a project but neglect to plan ahead and consider all the little details that can mess up or delay completion. There are 5 things to remember when renovating your home


5 Things to Remember When Renovating

There are 5 things to remember when renovating and then there are the smaller things that you need to not forget when remodeling such as:

  1. Scheduling when Renovating
  2. Paint Color when Remodeling
  3. Handles & Knobs for Cabinets
  4. How to Choose Proper Lighting
  5. How Long Can Custom Ordering Take

Scheduling When Renovating

Proper scheduling is probably the most important detail on which to focus. If you do not have everything appropriately scheduled, your project will take much longer to finish. You must allow yourself plenty of time to get everything done at the time you want it, especially if you are hiring a contractor for your project. You can’t call them on a Tuesday and expect them to come on Wednesday because they may have other customers. Think ahead and call them weeks before you are ready to begin or want to start your job and find out if they are available. Scheduling ahead correctly can save you major headaches later on.

Paint Color When Remodeling

The color paint you choose is an essential detail for the finished look of your room. The color on the walls is what is going to pull together the colors around the rest of the space. You have to think about how you want the room to look when you’re finished with it before you decide on what color you are going to paint it. 

Handles & Knobs for Your Cabinets

Handles and Knobs on doors and cabinetry are often overlooked, but they are also crucial for the completed look of your area. You will be amazed at how much of a difference so small an item can make in any space. You will want to tie them in with the rest of the room for the perfect touch.

How to Choose Proper Lighting

The right amount and spacing of lighting fixtures are essential. If you don’t plan properly and get all the correct fixtures, you could end up with two different lights than what you wanted. Lighting is critical for the best overall look in the room. 

How Long Can Custom Ordering Take

If you are custom ordering anything for your project, then ordering enough time in advance is crucial. Custom orders can take anywhere from five days up to 2-4 weeks, and there’s always the possibility that they could get back-ordered. This can drastically delay your project and cause you unneeded stress and frustration, so make sure you order far in advance of your project’s starting date. 

Lotz of Logic

Remodeling is an exciting time but can also be a stressful time. By these 5 things to remember when renovating your home and planning carefully before you begin, you can really make the project flow much easier and come out better than you imagined in the end.

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