Baseboard Painting or Replace

Baseboard painting or replace.  What would it be more economical:  painting or replacing the baseboard? There are a couple ways to look at this.  But, let’s look at a scenario that I usually see when I’m out in the field at homes in the Chicagoland area.

Older Home Baseboard

Generally, it’s an older home, 40-60 years old.  The older home has darker trim.  Folks want to change the look of it, so painting can be a good option.

[ click on the middle of the photo below to play the video that Mark made for you on baseboard painting vs replacing the baseboard. Enjoy!]

Baseboard Gets Beaten Up

Sometimes, though, in that time span, the baseboard gets beaten up from normal wear and tear. Replacing it might be a really good option.

Painting Trim Work vs Replacing

The downside to just painting the baseboard or casing is that you’ll realize that you still will have some banged up trim work.

You also are going to have some paint chipping down the road. The nice thing about replacing the baseboard is that you’ll have something that is more your style as opposed to what’s been in your home.


The budget is something to concern yourself with as well.  It will be more costly to replace the baseboard rather than re-paint it, but you really get to personalize your home.  The decision really comes down to how long you’ll be staying in your home.  If you plan on staying in your home for another 10-20 years, then replacing the baseboard if it is currently beaten up is the best choice.

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