The kids have finally finished college and have moved out.  For years your basement served only your kids or just a place to store boxes and junk. In this video, let’s go over some basement remodeling ideas empty nesters style!


Basement Remodeling Ideas Empty Nester

When basement remodeling comes up into a conversation or seen on a TV show, most think of adding on an additional basement bedroom or entertainment area for the kids.  Well, it’s your time now as an empty nester to finally get to use the basement for your hobbies and interests.  Let’s go over a few ideas that you might like:

  1. Wine Cellar
  2. Wine Crafting Area
  3. Beer Crafting Area
  4. Cigar Humidor Area
  5. Wine Tasting – Entertainment Area
  6. Hobbies – Train Table or Sewing Room

Additional Items to Add to Your Basement

If you have committed to putting in a wine cellar or wine crafting and entertainment area, you’ll need to add a few things in the basement to make that all happen.  I’d strongly suggest having a bunch of outlets put into your basement.  Most basements have the bare minimum, but I’m of the school of thought to have as many as you can.  I’d also suggest putting in a small kitchenette.  Not a full-blown kitchen, but at least a kitchen sink, dishwasher, and small mini-fridge in your basement.  Also, don’t forget to add in better lighting.  I’m not suggesting the drop-down ceiling fluorescent lighting, but some upscale lighting from a really good lighting store.  I’m a huge fan of installing LED can lights in your basement ceiling.  These can be dimmed up or down, to fit your entertainment mood too.

Lotz of Logic

My wife and I are super excited to be able to remodel our basement in about 5 years when our youngest moves out.  I know my wife has mentioned she’d love to make our son’s old bedroom into a train hobby room.  And I’d really like to use the old pool table area (which we never used!) and convert that into an entertainment kitchenette area where I can craft some beer and wine.  And then throw some cool craft liquor parties.  Being an empty nester, you might miss your kids, but remodeling your basement into something you’ll enjoy will take away a little bit of that ‘hurt’.  And heck, your grown-up adult children can now come over to have a cigar and glass of wine with you too!  So leave me a comment if you have done some basement remodeling ideas empty nester style!

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