Common Bathroom Problems

Bathroom painting tips.  Some of the biggest challenges we see are peeling paint, mold in certain locations including the ceiling and hairspray.  Let’s look at each one individually:

  • Peeling Paint:  Usually located in ceilings above shower or bathtubs.  Typically paint peels because drywall wasn’t primed properly or there’s a lot of moisture that’s condensing on a ceiling;
  • Mold:  You’ll find a lot of molds where water is reoccurring in a similar spot such as bottom corner outside edges between the drywall where it meets the tile because of either the shower doors don’t close properly or where a shower curtain is located.  When you come out of the shower and possibly drip on the floor, water can puddle and mold can occur.
  • Mold on the Ceiling:  Exhaust fans sometimes are not properly vented and when that air is sucked out of the bathroom, it’s supposed to go to an outer vent.  That’s a real key observation.  So once we recognize that we’ve got some mold and mildew here, we want to make sure we treat the mold and get it cleaned off there.  As far as the exhaust fan suggestion, read below for more info on this.
  • Hairspray:  That’s usually a big problem.  Wax in hairspray or some sort of sprayed product for your hair can hit the back wall behind you or the door frames.  



Bathroom Painting Tips:  Types of Paint

So what are some great bathroom painting tips?  First and foremost, it is the types of bathroom paints that work best for bathrooms, considering the typical problems we mentioned above? Common problem areas that we see probably 90% of the problems, let’s talk about paints that work the best.  We want something that is mold resistant. There are a couple different products that I’ve used over the years that I really like.  I hope you like by list of bathroom painting tips for brands to use:

  • Benjamin Moore Bath and Spa has a nice product.  It goes on great and very do-it-yourself friendly.  Two products that I like to use
    • Benjamin Moore Regal Select eggshell finish;  and
    • Benjamin Moore Regal Select matte finish
  • Sherwin Williams has two products I like as well.  They are durable, excellent products just like the Benjamin Moore products:
    • Sherwin Williams Emerald eggshell finish;  and
    • Sherwin Williams Duration Home eggshell finish
  • Benjamin Moore Century is a new product.  Century paint is small-batched, craft-batching of paint. Benjamin Moore is making small batches, in 75 colors.  Sort of like craft beers.  Has a super unique feel. When you run your fingers over it, feels like velvet or velour.  Definitely, a way to have your interior home painting look unique from anyone else in the neighborhood.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

This is a great time to change out your bathroom light fixtures.  I see in many homes that old dressing lights, some people call it Hollywood lights some call it costume lights.  You know it’s basically just a strip of bulbs going across the top.  This is a great time when fixing other issues to install new bathroom lights that are more trendy and styles.

New Shower Doors

Now’s the time to change out that old brass color that is the typical style shower door brass metal framing. Everyone now starting to go to the frameless shower doors.  

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

As mentioned above, exhaust fans can either have bearings that go bad or you have too small of an exhaust fan altogether.  What do I recommend for ease of replacement?  Braun has a plug-and-play for easy swapping out. Try to go to a larger fan to help with extra moisture.  A larger fan will get rid of moisture quicker and more efficiently. Make sure where the fan is located is a good position as well.

Caulk Transition Area

Caulk the transition areas.  Use a small tube of clear silicone caulk.  If there’s a baseboard that runs up to the porcelain tile. Caulk where the tile and the baseboard meet.  I will also caulk the bottom edge about 12 to 18 inches out, where the baseboard touches the tile the floor tile.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on getting your bathroom painted, give me a call.   My team and I have been serving Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, River West, Near West Side, Printers Row, Dearborn Park, Gold Coast, Lake Shore East, New East Side, Streeterville, Near North, Loop, Old Town, River North, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.

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