Learn the 8 hidden bathroom remodel costs breakdown when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. You want to be prepared! Together, we go through the costs you should know about before renovating your bathroom.  


Bathroom Remodel Costs Breakdown

There are typically 8 bathroom remodel costs breakdown sub-sections that either your sort of overlook or completely don’t think about.  This can crush your budget or make your remodel take a lot more time than anticipated.  So let’s go over some of the items that will totally come up in your bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation project.  And some of these might NEVER come up, but it is good to know that they could, so you aren’t blind-sided.  Here are the most common remodel breakdown costs that you should consider when drawing up a budget.

Waste Removal

Sound silly, but some people don’t think about this until the last minute.  This renovation cost won’t break the bank, but just remember to include dumpster or Bagster fees into your budget.  I always think its better to air on caution and have a dumpster vs a Bagster.  Bagsters hold less, and you might have to get a second Bagster if you have more trash than you think.  By the time you get a second Bagster, it would be the same cost as a dumpster.  


You might not need a permit.  It really depends upon if you are moving electric, water, or walls.  Check with your local municipalities for their codes.  You don’t want to skimp here at all, because problems will come up when reselling your home down the road.  Also, if you live in an unincorporated part of your city, you’ll have to deal with city permits and local permits (basically, working with two municipalities).

Architectural Drawings

If you are moving walls, you’ll totally have to have an architectural or engineering drawing done to make sure structurally that you can do the project.  Most kitchen or bath cabinet designers will do the drawings for you for simpler projects, but the more complicated ones, you should have an architect involved.  It is also good for resale down the road too.

Vent Pipes

Be prepared that you might have to move some vent pipes for your bathroom exhaust fan if upgrading it.  Sometimes too, in the kitchen, you’ll have to change up the vent pipes for the newer appliances being installed.  This is something overlooked.

Water Supply Valves

Old stops and valves can get corroded over time.  And you might have to replace them.  Also, if you change out a tub to a shower, you’ll have to close up and re-do that plumbing because you are going from two water supplies down to one water supply valve.  Many times when you go from a whirlpool tub set up to a large, walk-in shower (no tub), you’ll need to change out the water supplies.  Check out my video on one of the hottest and trendy bathroom projects homeowners are doing to convert their existing whirlpool tub to a large, walk-in shower with a seated bench.

Bad Electric Behind Walls

Sometimes when a home in originally built, there were different codes in place.  And now there are new codes.  So you might have to deal with updating bad electric behind walls to make sure your job is safe and up to code.  Also, some people hire out contractors that don’t follow code to cut corners and keep costs down.  So you might open up a wall and see some wiring done completely wrong.  And now that you are ‘into the project’, you have to deal with it, right there, right then.

Water Damage Under Tile or Behind Drywall

This happens quite a bit.  If you move out the dishwater or cabinet by a kitchen sink, many times you find water damage that has created wood rot or mold issues in the floorboard.  You’ll have to get that fixed and removed so that when you lay down new flooring, it is not going over rotten, wet wood.  In bathrooms, you can have water damage below tile from poorly drained showers or sinks.  Be prepared, because this comes up quite a bit.  It isn’t a huge increase in cost but can happen.

Changing Up Original Plans

This should be one that you avoid, if possible.  You should have all your original plans in place and not change up anything once you’ve ordered selections and signed contracts with your installers.  This will delay your project, run up costs, and then you might also have to start dealing with local municipalities if you’ve done major changes.

Lotz of Logic

You shouldn’t be afraid to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.  I’m a huge fan of plan your work and work your plan.  If you plan out your bathroom or kitchen remodel ahead of time, you will consider additional costs ahead of time.  This is then when you can work your plan and not have any hiccups and also have a good idea of how long your remodel is going to take.  You’ll be so much happier if you do your due diligence when it comes to a bathroom remodel costs breakdown.

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