Bathroom Remodeling-How long does a bathroom remodeling project take?

Bathroom Remodeling-How long does it take can be a question you ask before even asking a contractor over.  It can also keep you from doing the project altogether.  Why? Because you are scared, it will be a never-ending job that you do or our contractor camps out for six months at your home.  Well, you are looking to remodel your bathroom and you are wondering how long will it take to complete the project.  Check out the video below that I made for you.

Powder Room Remodeling – How Long Does That Take?

Let’s start with your powder room. To remove and replace all fixtures, flooring and repaint should take about 3-5 days to complete.

Guest Bathroom Remodeling – Timetable

Now let’s look at a typical guest bathroom remodel. To remove and replace all fixtures including solid surface countertops and custom shower doors takes about 2 weeks.

Bathroom Remodeling-How Long for a Master Bath?

Set aside 3-4 weeks to complete your master bathroom. It generally takes a little bit longer than a guest bath due to the area is about double or triple the size of its smaller counterpart.

Planning is the Key

We recently completed a guest bath and master bath in four weeks total. Planning is the key, laying out a realistic schedule and try to remain flexible in altering your plan. Make sure you consult with your design and installation team on scheduling before starting any remodeling projects.

If you want a simpler fix up that won’t take too long and will really freshen up your bathroom check out my post on restoring bathroom vanities and bathtubs.

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If you want to view more videos that I’ve made, check out my YouTube channel, where I have 70+ videos to help guide you in remodeling your home, interior painting, and exterior staining.  Here are a few videos:

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How long should bathroom remodeling projects take? This video gives you a timetable for powder room remodeling, guest bathroom remodeling, and master bathroom remodeling projects. The key is scheduling & organization.