Bathroom Remodeling What to Consider

Bathroom remodeling what to consider? One of your smartest remodeling investments is remodeling a bathroom in your home and creating an updated bathroom design. Many factors come into play and affect the bathroom design and estimated cost.  Let’s go over just a few of them:

Hiring a Remodeling General Contractor

Remodeling a bathroom involves more than just changing out some fixtures or putting in a new towel bar.  Most of the time, there needs to be experienced contractors brought into your job such as:

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Tiling & Flooring Installers
  • Painting Contractor
  • Interior Designer

When hiring an experienced remodeling general contractor, such as Lotz Home & Office, we bring in all of the experts in these trades that we have established working relationships with over the 25 years in business.  We know that the contractors we bring to your project are reliable, trustworthy, and stand behind their work.  Through the 25 years in business, we’ve weeded through the contractors that you would not want in your home.  When hiring Lotz Home & Office for your bathroom remodeling project, we bring in our experts to make your remodeling project run very smoothly, and in the long run, keep your project in budget.

Bringing Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Up To Code

Don’t forget, you need to bring your remodeling project up to code when moving any electrical, structural, or plumbing.  Lotz Home & Office takes care of all the details of this process with the city that you live in.  We handle the permits & inspections.  You might not think it matters now, but this matters greatly when you go to sell your home.  Spending the extra money now on bringing your project to code avoids problems down the road at resale and enhances the resale value too.

Interior Designer Needed?

Sometimes a bathroom remodeling project can be simple enough that you can do the project yourself.  For example, you could drop in a new vanity, new countertop, new lighting, fixtures,  and new drawer pulls.  On the other side, when you want to make a substantial change, Lotz Home & Office brings in an interior designer to help work up a design that incorporates the tile color, tile layout, placement of lighting, styles of lighting that work for your family, and color schemes to tie everything together from tile color to paint choices.

If you are not skilled in this area, it would be wise not to tackle the remodeling project yourself as it will cost you more money in the long run.  Lotz Home & Office helps you to figure in a budget as this will impact the type of materials you select and keeps your financial boundaries in line. (Click here for my post on Bathroom Remodel Costs Breakdown)

Even though the bathroom is the smallest room in your house, it is the most used.  Taking on a bathroom remodeling project could be one of the best return of investment you could spend on your home.

One of your smartest remodeling investments is remodeling a bathroom by creating an updated bathroom design that fits within your budget.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on remodeling your bathroom, give me a call. My team and I have been serving Downers Grove, Oakbrook Terrace, Elmhurst, Lombard, Carol Stream, Westmont, Willowbrook, Woodridge, and all of the Chicago area for 30+ years.

Contributor: Mark Lotz
Mark Lotz is the owner of Lotz Home & Office, a Naperville Remodeling Contractor and Naperville Painting Company for the past 30+ years. You can find Mark at his Google+.