Do professional painting contractors have a secret to buying the best paint around?  Are there really benefits of buying local?  In this video, I go over why your local painting professional company truly prefers to buy local than shopping at the big box stores.

Benefits of Buying Local

So what are some of the benefits of buying local vs the big box stores?  So many of us now want to just drive to the big box stores like Home Depot or Menards and don’t give our local stores even thought anymore.  But the professional painters, for the most part, are purchasing from their local paint stores. 

In the Chicago area, I typically shop at Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore to buy my paint supplies and paint colors.  So let’s go over some of the benefits of buying local:

  • Local Store Staff are Educated – the local stores tend to educate their staff with training on paint and the related products.  When you shop at the local store, you might get a high school student who has no knowledge about what you need to buy.  The paint staff members are typically attending training sessions.
  • Fine Tuned Knowledge – Since they only are selling paint and paint-related products, they are fine-tuned in their knowledge and have a greater focus because they are dialed into the products in their store.  The staff is also super great about helping pick out paint colors.
  • Latest Products and Updates – When Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore put out a new product, they educate the stores.  The staff knows the benefits of why you should try these latest products.  They also understand the benefits of applying these latest products in or on your home.
  • Faster Service – Because these stores are so small and frequented far less, you tend to have faster service
  • Contractor Referrals – Because this is where the professional shop.  These stores tend to know which contractors to refer you to when you want to hire a contractor for a complicated project.  

Lotz of Logic

I have to admit, I do sometimes shop at the big box stores.  The one thing the big box stores offer is better store hours.  Great for when you need to run out late or super early to get supplies.  But I love the personal relationship I can make with the local paint stores with the staff working there.  They get to know me, my business and my type of customer.  When I have troubles with a product or a weird situation happening at a customer’s home, they help out.  They are well trained and sometimes even are willing to come out to the job site to inspect a problem.  Nowadays, you can’t beat the personal touch you get at a local paint store, such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.  There truly is are benefits of buying local.

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