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Hardwood floor installation can seem overwhelming.

In this video below, I will show how easy it can be when I come out to analyze your current pain points and frustrations.  That is necessary to dig in and find out what those are so that you can be 100% satisfied at the end of the remodeling flooring installation process.  Some clients want to have their current carpeting ripped out and have wood flooring installed.  Others want to have their existing hardwood flooring refinished.  While others want their existing hardwood flooring removed and have new wood flooring installed.

We recently completed a hardwood floor installation in Naperville, IL.  We had a customer with severely outdated vinyl tile and carpeting throughout her first floor, stretching from her dining room, front room, kitchen, hallway, and all her bedrooms.  I’m sure you can relate to this same situation.  The customer wanted an updated look.  Let’s take a look at the process.


  1. We tore up the existing vinyl tile and carpeting on the existing flooring;
  2. Next, we screwed down all loose areas on the floor to fix all existing squeaks and creaking;
  3. Then I pulled the old baseboard and shoe out.  it’s time to update!
  4. I arranged to have hardwood flooring delivered to the house in the area to be installed;
  5. Let the hardwood flooring set for 48-72 hours.


  1. Install hardwood, pre-finished, clove colored wood flooring;
  2. Installed brand new baseboard and shoe;
  3. Caulked and painted the baseboard and shoe


The reason before I installed the hardwood floor that I let it rest in the home 48-72 hours prior is that it needs to acclimate to the humidity and temperature in that room, which will avoid too much expanding and contracting in the future.  The wood flooring was also finished on 6-sides, which keeps it from expanding and contracting between seasons.  These are two details you might want to consider when installing hardwood flooring in your home.

When considering having hardwood flooring installed in your home, give Brenda or me a call (ask for Brenda or Mark Lotz – the owners!) today for an estimate.  815–260-6773.   We both have been leading Lotz to be the top Naperville remodeling contractor for the past 27 years, as well as in the Chicago area.  We love our customers and love serving them.

Our mission is to make your home – your home again.  Let it be a place that you want to come home to, not a place you try to escape from.  Installing fresh wood flooring will liven up your home and make your home a place you are excited to entertain in or unwind at the end of a long day serving others.  We can help you get it done right & professional.  You deserve it!

Contributor: Mark Lotz
Mark Lotz is the owner of Lotz Home & Office, a Naperville Remodeling Contractor and Naperville Painting Company for the past 30+ years.  You can find Mark at his Google+, Twitter, or Facebook page.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on installing your hardwood flooring, give me a call. My team and I have been serving Downers Grove, Oakbrook Terrace, Elmhurst, Lombard, Carol Stream, Westmont, Willowbrook, Woodridge, and all of the Chicago area for 30+ years.

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