Want to have the secret list of the best interior paint roller covers to use when doing interior painting projects?  If so, watch the video below!

Best Interior Paint Roller Covers

Let’s briefly go down the list of what are the best interior paint roller covers to use for different projects.  NOTE: Mark even gives you an added bonus for the best exterior roller to use too:

  • Ceiling & Walls – use a lamb’s wool.  
  • Doors & Trim – use a lamb’s wool, soft woven [ Video link: 0:36.3 ]
  • Various Interior Sizes – They range from 4″ – 24″.  Pick a size that fits the project you are doing and what your wrist and hands can actually comfortably handle  [ Video link: 0:57.9 ]
  • Exterior Cover – BONUS – Mark gives you his exterior cover recommendation [ Video link:  1:19.3 ]
  • Hard-to-Reach Areas – Use a Whizz roller.  This is small like the size of a hotdog and good for behind toilets or behind appliances.  This is also good to use if you cannot handle the weight of a larger roller cover.  [Video link:  1:50.2 ]

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I hope you’ve found my video on Best Interior Paint Roller Covers interesting!

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