Best Painting Contractor is Worth the Wait

Most homeowners want their projects done right away, if not sooner, yesterday!  Ha!  I understand that most people get excited once they decide to finally take the plunge and get their home exterior painted, or have their kitchen or bathroom remodeled. Their excitement sometimes makes them make wrong decisions, though.  You have to take the emotion out of making decisions that can affect the outcome of your project and how it turns out.  What do I mean?  You need to hire the best painting contractor to get the job done right.

I’ll confess right now, I’ve lost some clients to other contractors that can get to their jobs quicker than I can.  And I’ll confess it bothers the heck out of me.  I HATE to lose clients to someone else.  Brenda and I work really hard to take good care of our customers and do their jobs correctly, with excellent craftsmanship, and stay on top of the project. Because we have such control of our projects, we don’t have a huge team of men that we run out in the field.  We’d rather be smaller, and run an excellent job, then just turn projects around quickly because of large teams of men.

Because we don’t run a huge company, we tend to get booked up quicker.  Because of this, you might have to wait 3-6 weeks to get your project started.  Some busy seasons, you might have to wait up to 8 weeks.  But be insured, waiting for the best painting contractor or remodeler will be worth the wait in gold.  We promise to take the same time and care with your project when it rolls up on the calendar.

I always am concerned when a client of ours chooses to go with another contractor solely on timing.  I always try to warn them that if a contractor is open with his calendar and can get you in that same week, it should give you warning signs.  Warning signs that they have no other work, nobody else is calling them.  If nobody is calling them, then it might tell you that they aren’t getting recommendations from their previous clients.  Lotz Home & Office’s leads are almost exclusively past LHO clients or recommendations from our past clients.  We take such good care of our customers before, during and after a home renovation project, they always call us back for more work and always are recommending us to their neighbors, friends, and family.

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