Want the best white paint for ceiling painting? Check out Mark’s product review of Sherwin Williams CHB paint. Mark feels this is the best ceiling paint to cover imperfections, the best ceiling paint to hide flaws, and a fantastic overall flat ceiling paint. But you can also use this Sherwin Williams CHB paint to paint your walls too.  

Why is Sherwin Williams CHB Paint the Best White Paint for Ceilings

Sherwin Williams CHB flat paint is the best paint for your ceilings because it:

  1. CHB paint covers well and hides blemishes
  2. It is easy to apply and doesn’t require a primer
  3. Sherwin Williams CHB paint dries quickly and doesn’t drip or sag
  4. It is smooth and easy to clean
  5. CHB paint lasts long, so it saves you money in the long run
  6. It comes in many different colors with various finishes

Sherwin Williams CHB flat is one of the most reliable paints for your ceilings. It’s easy to apply, covers well, and doesn’t require a primer. You won’t have to worry about drips or sags with this paint, either. It easily washes off if it does happen to get on your walls or floor too.

This paint also is oil-based like many other paints but will never dry out your walls or ceiling. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can choose whatever fits your taste.

Sherwin Williams CHB flat paint will make your ceilings look great for years to come!

Paint the Ceilings for a Fresh, New Look

Designers love to paint ceilings to add design styles to a room. Painting the ceiling in different colors is an inexpensive design option. Some homeowners are hesitant to do this because they think it will make the room look smaller. However, if you use the right color and the proper techniques, painting your ceilings can give your room a fresh, new look.

Designers love to paint ceilings because they are designed to heighten the effect of the room. If you have a tall ceiling in your room, it will make the space appear more grand and impressive. Painting this very dark can make it look like a fancy ballroom or some other majestic room out of a dream.

If you don’t have a tall ceiling, painting it dark will create the illusion of height. It will also anchor the room and give it some definition. Painting your ceilings dark can give you that designer look without breaking the bank or taking away from the rest of your space.

If you don’t want to paint your ceilings, there are other options for design. You can stencil designs on your ceiling or paint it a solid color. Stenciling is an inexpensive option, but if you are going to choose this route, make sure you go all out with the design. Painting your solid ceiling colors will give the space more character and personality.

Paint the Ceilings to Cover Up Any Cracks or Damage

Paint the ceilings to cover up any cracks or damage. Ceiling cracks and damage can come from many things such as:

  1. house settling causing nail pops & hairline cracks
  2. water damage from a leaky bathroom above
  3. balls scuffing ceiling
  4. smoker stain; and
  5. killing spiders

You may have dirty white or yellowed ceilings that are causing your rooms to look smaller and dingy. Painted ceilings can add a fresh look to your rooms while reducing the appearance of damage or blemishes in your ceiling. You will need spackling, a good primer, paint or white ceiling paint, a brush for cutting in around the edges of the room, a significant level for sloped areas, a roller with extension pole, ladder, and painter’s tape. Put on a paint suit and protective goggles for safety and cover surrounding furniture with drop cloths before beginning. Here is the best primer to apply to walls before painting (in my humble opinion).

Ceilings can be painted in any color you like to make them look nicer. You will need a ladder, roller, paintbrush, painter’s tape, and a bucket for the paint. Begin by taping off the walls with painter’s tape to ensure there is no paint on the walls. Clean the ceilings first by sweeping up any dirt or cobwebs. If you have cracks, make sure they are filled with spackling paste and painted over.

Once everything is clean, begin painting with a roller for extensive areas and a brush for small pieces. Paper or dropcloths should be put around the room to ensure no paint gets on the floor or trim. Put plastic over any air vents, light fixtures, or switches before you begin painting. You could also choose to install new ceiling fans if they are worn out.

Once the ceilings are all done, you can take down the tape and drop cloths. If you installed new fans, be sure to put them at the right height following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Lotz of Answers

Painting your ceiling is essential for a lot of reasons. Painting a ceiling can cover up damages and imperfections. Painting a ceiling at the same time as walls are more economical. And painting the ceiling can add design features like texture or dimensionality to an otherwise flat wall space.

For these reasons, we recommend Sherwin Williams CHB Paint as one of the best paints available for ceilings. In conclusion, if you’re looking for great coverage and unbeatable durability – with no need for sanding between coats- then this is the right product for you! Remember: always make sure you prime first before applying new paint to ruin nothing during installation. Let us know if you have any more questions about the paint services we offer; we’re here for your convenience.

Thank you for reading this blog post! We hope it has helped you learn more about why painting the ceiling is important and how you can get great coverage using Sherwin Williams CHB Paint. For more answers to your home improvement questions, contact us at 815-260-6773 or LotzRemodeling.com. And check out our hundreds of DIY home improvement videos on YouTube.