Ceiling Painting

Ceiling painting – why should you paint your ceilings?  It’s funny, I get asked all the time to come and paint just the ceilings and not the walls in our customer’s homes. So why does this happen?

Reasons Your Ceilings Need Painting

Well, sometimes it gets down to the last time they painted.  They just wanted the walls painted because the ceilings looked really good at the time. And I agree sometimes it just doesn’t merit painting your ceilings if they aren’t in need of it.  A few cracks, nail pops, spiders killed with a shot can happen over a couple of years, or you’ve had water damage and have had to repair drywall.  What about kids throwing footballs around hitting the ceilings make them less appealing to look at.  Another reason your ceilings might need painting is recessed lights.  If you install recessed lighting, your ceilings will need to have drywall repair and eventually the ceilings would need to be painted.  

Ceiling Painting – Is It Too Hard to Do Yourself

The second biggest reason people paint their ceilings and generally hire professional is because they’re really hard to do yourself. If you’re not used to painting ceilings, it can be really hard.  It is not natural to look up 4 to 8 hours straight and work above your head.  Your neck and shoulders hurt, and it begins to be hard to paint with a steady, straight hand.

Problems That Come Up with DIY Projects

It sounds like it’s a real easy thing to do.  But we have found that most homeowners that have attempted this on their own generally mask off the walls with tape.  When they go to peel the tape off, it peels the wall paint off nearby. Now you have just created a touch-up job on the walls. So it’s much more convenient to hire somebody that’s done this many times over.  They typically will have a much more steady hand and a professional eye. I generally find that homeowners don’t apply enough paint to the ceiling to get a good consistent look after it dries.

So my tip to you is if you’re going to approaching a ceiling project on your own be patient.  Prepare the walls and ceilings properly.  Be prepared to be a little stiff in the neck and shoulders the next couple of days afterward. Thanks again for joining us. Send in your Burning Questions and I will put them out.

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