What are the two must-haves that everyone is installing in their bathrooms when remodeling:  custom shower seat and grab bars!  Let’s watch the video below:

Custom Shower Seat and Grab Bars

Custom shower seat and grab bars are the two remodeling requests we get for most of our customers.  Most are getting rid of that useless jet tub and installing larger showers.  When you have a larger shower, you can now add in a customer shower seat and grab bars.  Why are they so important?

  • Custom Shower Seat – If you need to have surgery, you will be so grateful to have a secure shower bench to sit down on.  Don’t wait until you need the surgery like I did.  I appreciated the medical plastic seat my wife purchased at Walgreens, but I did not feel secure at all.  Here is video link to this topic:  3:42.0 [ built-in shower bench, custom shower seat ]
  • Safety Grab Bars – Ok, let me just address the elephant in the room.  Most of us think that only elderly people need grab bars.  Most think if you have them installed in your bathroom that means you are aging.  Get over it!  When I broke my ankle and my wife needed surgery on her knee for a torn MCL, we both wished we had grab bars.  You will appreciate having that grab bar next to the custom seat bench to help you get up and down without slipping.  Here is video link to this topic:  5:11.1 [ grab bars for safety ]

Another place you could use grab bars is next to the toilet. You may want to upgrade your toilet while your at it with a good comfort height toilet.

Heated Custom Shower Seat

If you are going to go to the extent of having a custom shower seat installed, I’d suggest you consider having a heater installed too so that the shower bench is warm and comfortable when you sit down.  Trust me!  Here is video link to this topic:  4:43.3 [ heated bench seat ]

Long Shower Wand 

If you are installing a shower seat, you need to install a long shower wand.  The reason is that you will want to be able to sit on that bench and use the long shower wand to reach across the shower over to you.  The point of the bench seat is to be able to sit down when showering.  Here is video link to this topic:  6:31.1 [ shower wands and shower heads ]

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