DIY Projects – Are You Capable?

DIY Projects or Hiring a Contractor – This is the age-old question, “Are you capable of doing a DIY (Do It Yourself) project on your own.?”  In most cases, of course, you are!  But some projects either require expertise knowledge that only comes from years worth of knowledge or some require specialized tools and licensing.

Home Remodeling – Unexpected Problem

Let me tell you a quick story. One of our customers asked us to help him on a remodeling project, oh, about 6-10 years ago.  He was handling all the mechanical trades and asked our company to handle only the finishes such as painting.  I told him that typically on most remodeling projects, there are unexpected issues that can come. This is because you never know what is behind the walls until you get “into the project”.  


He was in charge of ordering cabinets.  After he ordered his cabinets, he found out there was an old cast iron drain pipe behind the wall which would affect the cabinet installation.  I was not contracted for this portion of his project, but here is where sometimes taking on too complex of DIY projects might not be a good idea.  My customer was not equipt to handle what to do.  He came to me for advice.  I told him to call the custom cabinet company to see if they could adjust the construction of the cabinets to allow room for the drain pipe.  If not, it could have cost my customer upwards of $4,000 for additional plumbing.  

Nothing Compares to Experience

What was learned from all of this – my customer relied on my remodeling knowledge to figure out how to handle the unexpected problem without adding to his bottom line budget.  Sometimes, you can tackle DIY projects with no problem if the project isn’t too complex.  But I typically would suggest that any remodeling project is done by a professional contractor who has experience.

You know it comes down sometimes also to your budget and if you don’t necessarily love to do the work.  I always tell folks to save your money for when you want to remodel.  When you are, let’s say, installing some kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities.  If you don’t feel comfortable handling the project yourself, wait.  If you don’t have the money then save money until you can hire a contractor.  Find someone that is incredibly qualified and properly insured to do the project.  You will be happier in the long run.  It really can be worth the wait.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on your home’s projects, give me a call.  My team and I have been serving the Orland Park, Homer Glen, Mokena, Frankfort, Tinley Park, New Lenox, Lemont, Orland Hills, Palos Park, St. John IN, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.

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