So many of my customers get a sense of overwhelming guilt just tossing out their gently used bathroom vanities, mirror, toilets, and lighting fixtures right into the dumpster.  Donating when remodeling is a great solution to this guilt you feel.  Check out the video below for the full set of ideas of repurposes your bathroom fixtures in a greener manner:  Click video in the middle on the arrow to play it:

Donating When Remodeling

Let’s go over a few questions I get:

  • “Where can I donate my bathroom fixtures?” 
    • Answer:  Habitat for Humanity, Restore storefronts are in most cities.  It is a great place for you to donate and for others to purchase this gently-used bathroom or kitchen fixtures at a fraction of the cost
  • “Where can I sell my bathroom or kitchen fixtures?”
    • If you are willing to store your items for a bit and have a stranger come into your home, post your items for sale on:
      • eBay;
      • Craig’s List; and even
      • Facebook has communities to sell your used items
  • “Will scrappers take my metal tubs and metal sinks at the curb?”
    • If you have a large dumpster, just put your metal sinks, tubs, and anything else metal on the side by the curb area (up on your property, not in the street).  I guarantee the night before garbage day, it will be gone within 2 hours!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my video on donating when remodeling.