Many electrical outlet types exist.  It’s time to update your home.

Let’s start by showing you how to replace the electrical outlets by having new charging options for your smart devices. [VIDEO below]

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Electrical Charging Challenges

There are many options to modernize your outlets nowadays. So let’s take a look. A lot of our challenges today really stem from charging situations such as iPhones and tablets.  Everyone knows the situation that happens every single day.  You come home from work or school, and you have to charge your laptop, iPhone, or iPad.  Before going to bed at night is the primary time that everyone charges their devices.  Well, if you have a bedside lamp or alarm clock, you have no open outlets to use. Well, this is easily solved when you have one of the many updated electrical outlet types.

Home Office Outlet Ideas

The first option is one with a light switch and two USB ports which is fantastic for in-home offices or laundry rooms. In the video above, you will see me demonstrate this electrical type.

Kitchen & Bathroom Outlets

What we find with the second option is going to be fantastic in kitchens and bathrooms. This outlet has two USB ports and two wall plugs. I find that this option works well because you have a charging station and you can also plug in other appliances as well as electric toothbrushes hairdryers.  This too is shown in the video above.  

College & Millennials Need Modernizing

This last one has four USB ports only and works best for college kids that have lots of devices they need to charge, such as phones and tablets.  I think if you happen to watch the video, you will see this pretty cool USB electrical outlet.  Super efficient not only for college students or your teen but also for your office.

These are the three types of outlets that can help you out with modernizing your outlets in your home or office. So, call our office today if we can be of any help to you.  Also, send in your #BurningQuestions and I’ll be glad to answer them and put them out.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on modernizing your outlets, give me a call.  My team and I have been serving the Orland Park, Homer Glen, Mokena, Frankfort, Tinley Park, New Lenox, Lemont, Orland Hills, Palos Park, St. John IN, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.

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