Man invested mirrors for one purpose – to look at so we can preen ourselves.  Well, my video below talks about mirrors in a whole new light:  entryway mirror ideas to decorate your foyer.  Click on the video in the middle (on the arrow) to watch the full video:

Entryway Mirror Ideas

Everyone can agree that the entry or foyer area is one of the most important areas of your home.   Everyone (friends, guests, neighbors) come into your home through this one area.  So let me give some great ideas of how to use mirrors to really jazz it up.  Make that area pop and stand out.

What are Ways to Decorate My Entry with Mirrors

  • Oversized Mirrors:  Use large, oversized mirrors.  This makes a dramatic statement.  
  • Frame the Mirrors: Think creatively by framing any size mirrors uniquely.  They literally transform into a piece of artwork.
  • Multiple Mirrors:  If you aren’t a fan of one large, oversized mirror, then go with many smaller mirrors (framed of course).  And place them either on a collage-type of setting or throughout the whole area.

How to Get More Light in My Foyer

  • Strategically place one, oversized mirror or many mirrors in locations that can reflect incoming natural light from windows nearby.  Natural light comes into and then bounces off the mirror and sometimes even many mirrors.  This gives the area a huge boost in light.
  • Intentionally place mirrors near artificial light such as a chandelier or tabletop lamps.  Instantly, in the evening, the mirrors lite up the entry very well.   The artificial lights are playing off the one oversized mirror or many mirrors on the walls.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my video on entryway mirrors ideas to decorate your foyer.