Curb appeal is something every homeowner strives to achieve.  You work hard and want to come home at the end of a long day of work and see your home from the drive up and be happy on how it looks.  And having great exterior curb appeal is something you’ll need to sell your home fast on the real estate market.  Here is a video that gives you exterior home repairs to add curb appeal.


Exterior Home Repairs to Add Curb Appeal

Now adding in curb appeal doesn’t have to happen in just one weekend.  In fact, it won’t!  But you can slowly add in a few honey-do-lists each weekend, and by the end of the fall, you’ll have a much different looking home.  It might take you two year’s worth of dedicating your summer and fall weekends to achieve your goals of adding in huge curb appeal.  But the dividends will pay off huge.  Decide which ones you can do yourself (DIY) or if some of these you’ll have to hire a professional contractor.  Here is a list of exterior home repairs to add curb appeal.  

Front Door, Driveways, and Power Washing – Curb Appeal List #1

  1. Front Door & Sidelight – Everyone has a front door and sidelight.  But does your home’s front door look better than the neighbors?  This will make a HUGE difference when selling your home. You have 2-3 options here.  You can replace the front door and sidelights if they are so worn out and outdated.  If you are handy, you can handle this project yourself and save a decent amount of money.  But if your front door isn’t too old, then get it re-painted or re-stained.  This will make it look almost brand new too.  This is, of course, the more economical option.  Also, if you have a storm door, get this replaced if it has taken a beating.  And while you are at your front door area, check out this video on how to add some changes to your front porch area for better curb appeal video post.
  2. Driveway – If you have an asphalt driveway, get it resealed each year.  And make sure the cracks are filled in too.  You can do this yourself, but I believe if the cracks need to be filled in, this should be done by a professional.  
  3. Power Washing – Clean, clean, clean.  Get your home’s exterior clean.  You have many exterior areas that need a bath.  Every year, power washing your sidewalk leading up to your front door is a must.  If you have a concrete driveway, get this pressure washed too every year.  While you have the power washer out, clean your house gutters and downspouts too.  And if you are putting your home on the real estate market, pressure washing the house siding is a must too.  Just remember to not ‘get on it too much’, otherwise, you’ll be re-staining or repainting it.  This should be a ‘gentle’ cleaning.  Get all the cobwebs and dirt off, especially by the front door area, will make a huge first impression when selling your home.

House Numbers, Mailbox, and Exterior Lighting – Curb Appeal List #2

  1. House Numbers – You probably have the ‘builder special’ boring house numbers.  Get something larger and a set of numbers that reflects your personality too.  There are even house numbers our there that have a back-light to them, so you can see them easily at night time.  Super great ideas for guests arriving.
  2. Mail Box – Either get a new mailbox and update your look, or re-stain the existing wood mailbox you have currently.  And also make sure the mail box is not wobbly and set into the ground securely.
  3. Exterior Lighting – You definitely have a front door light and two lights on both sides of your garage doors.  Make sure they are a current style that looks appealing.  If they are, then clean them 2-3 times in the summer and fall season.  The bugs get attracted to them at night time and make countless webs and debris.  Something as simple as getting out window cleaner and some elbow grease will make a huge difference.  But if needed, get these exterior lights replaced and updated.  And while shopping for them, check out any type of solar ground lights to light the walkway up to your home and around your existing landscaping.  This will give your home’s exterior a great curb appeal in the evening too.  And before I forget, if you have any side service doors and a backyard patio door, these lights will have to be cleaned too or replaced at the same time.  Typically, when replacing all your exterior lights, a good rule of thumb is to have them all match in the same style.

Exterior House Staining – Curb Appeal List #3

  1. Exterior House Painting or Staining – Now this is the most expensive item to do on this list.  But is something you should be saving up for to do every 7-10 years anyways.  It’s a part of home ownership.  Make sure you have an exterior house color that is flattering to the roof shingle color and works well with your existing landscaping.  Don’t do anything crazy here in lieu of accent colors.   Accent colors can be added to your front door, shutters, and downspouts and gutters.  But I’d make sure you don’t do some crazy color that someone who is considering buying your home is turned off altogether.

Lotz of Logic


Mark Lotz has been a 2nd generation remodeler and painter for three decades in the Chicago areal.

  Maintaining your home’s exterior curb appeal presence is a must.  This is true whether you are selling your home or staying for 20-30 years.  This list is something to always be working on each summer season.  And if you aren’t working on this list, then putting some money aside to eventually do that project in the near future.  All of these items are part of exterior home maintenance.  They are crucial, but eventually will need to be done by you or a professional contractor.  

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on exterior home repairs to add curb appeal, give me a call.   My team and I have been serving the Orland Park, Homer Glen, Mokena, Frankfort, Tinley Park, New Lenox, Lemont, Orland Hills, Palos Park, St. John IN, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.

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