Foyer Painting

Foyer Painting in 2nd Story Foyer – Is It Hard to Paint My Entry Way? We really treat a two-story room very similar to a one-story room. But there are some differences. I think if you are going to tackle a project like this, you definitely need the proper equipment.  Check out my video below that I made for you on this topic:

Tools Needed to Paint Foyer

Some tools needed are scaffolding, standoffs, articulated ladders such as a Little Giant that can work on stairs, and an 8 to16 foot paint poles. One of the most important necessities is being comfortable working on a high ladder or scaffolding. I highly recommend that if you have a tile or wood floor that you use a rubber-backed drop cloth or a mat on the floor that will keep your ladder steady. If not properly set up, it can definitely slide on you. You should make sure that the stairs, handrails, and chandeliers are all covered properly since you’re working in an area that is so large.

Foyer Painting – High Ladder Fears When Painting

I find the challenge for most of the do-it-yourselfers, is that they are not comfortable working up on a high ladder. As a word of caution, I cannot stress enough if you are uneasy, generally where you are in the area of 12 to 18 feet off the ground, that you hire out a professional team. If you hire a professional painter make sure you prepare your room properly before painting.

Professional Painters when Painting

Experience, plus the proper equipment and tools truly make the difference in the overall appeal and finish when you are painting your foyer. A professional painter has all the necessary equipment and is absolutely comfortable with doing a project of this size and scope. But if you do try to tackle painting your foyer on your own, make sure that safety is your number one priority. Thanks again for joining us. Send in your Burning Questions and I will put them out.

It is also important to have the right paint when you are painting. Caulking your trim and priming before painting is also essential to get the best paint job.

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