Foyer Updating:  Several Options Available

Foyer updating:  it’s time!  But you have no clue where to start or what to do first.  Some think the only option is a fresh coat of paint, which can be totally fine.  But why settle for just that?  Be different than anyone else in your neighborhood.

There are other ways to freshen up the entryway too.  Don’t worry, you’re in the same boat as most other people who think painting is the best option.  It can be, but let’s explore other options:

Foyer:  Fresh Coat of Paint

The most important of these aspects is a fresh new coat of paint.  In terms of choosing a color for your foyer, depending on the layout of your home, you can choose a different color for the foyer than the rest of the house.  If your foyer is very open and connects with other rooms easily, then consider using the same color for the foyer as you would with the rest of your house.  If your foyer is more closed off from the rest of your house, consider going with a different color to accent the rest of your home.

Proper Lighting

In addition to this, the proper lighting, if not yet installed, should be, so as to properly display the foyer of your home.  This can mean natural light from a new front door & sidelights made of leaded glass to let in the natural lighting.  Another form of lighting would be a brand new chandelier.  I’m sure it’s been a long time since you replaced the one you have currently.


Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any foyer or entryway.  They can be used to play off of the natural lighting or chandelier.  Mirrors, if placed properly, can actually make a foyer seem larger too.

Furniture in the Foyer

Have you considered adding a few pieces of furniture.  That can mean a small table with a chair next to it.  Of course, a lamp would make the table really seem cozy enough to sit at too.

Restaining Staircase

Restaining your existing staircase would liven up any entryway.  At the same time, you could add in a carpet runner up the stairs.

Brand New Staircase

Installation of a brand new wrought iron staircase spindles, coupled with a wood handrail, make any entryway really pop and stand out from anyone in the neighborhood.

Entryway foyers really welcome any guest that come over to your home.  It is really worth your time to consider any one of these options have your home make a great first impression.  Not only would your guests feel relaxed when arriving at your home, but you owe it to yourself to come home at the end of a long week and feel refreshed in your own home.

Brenda and I love to make your home exciting again.  We believe when you hire us, we can help liven up your home.

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