When remodeling your kitchen, you have two choices for countertops:  granite vs quartz kitchen countertops.  Check out the video below [click on the arrow in the middle] to play Mark’s full video:

Granite vs Quartz Kitchen Countertops

There are many reasons to consider when deciding on whether to install granite vs quartz kitchen countertops.  First of all, the quartz countertop is virtually maintenance free [ video link – 0:48.5 ] while the granite countertop you have to seal yearly.  Secondly, both can be stain resistant [ video link –1:16.6 ] if you keep the granite sealed regularly.  If you think you won’t keep up the sealing, then the granite can get stained from food and wine over time.  Quartz would be your best bet.  Granite and quartz countertops can have varying overall looks [ video link 1:44.0 ].  The quartz will have a consistent pattern flow because it is man-made.  The granite will have varying degrees of look due to it being a naturally produced product.

Mark’s Choice – Granite vs Quartz

While I love the natural look of granite, quartz would be my choice.  My wife loves granite and it’s natural beauty but has chipped it over the past 3 years due to how much we use our kitchen for entertaining.  Probably the next time we remodel our kitchen, we will spend the extra money and install a quartz countertop due to its durability.  Just depends on your lifestyle.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on your kitchen countertops, give me a call.  My team and I have been serving the Orland Park, Homer Glen, Mokena, Frankfort, Tinley Park, New Lenox, Lemont, Orland Hills, Palos Park, St. John IN, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.

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