Granite vs Quartz Countertops

Granite vs quartz has many positive and negative qualities about them.  But which one should you choose when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom?  Welcome to Burning Questions.  I’m Mark Lotz.  Your Burning Question of the day is: What is the difference between granite and quartz countertops?

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Quartz vs Granite

First of all, let’s start with granite. Really is just nature-made. It comes in giant slabs.  So what is the difference between granite and quartz?  Quartz is a mineral that’s within granite that’s ground up. It is mixed with resins and basically pressed together. So they are a little bit different, same basic materials, but a little bit different.

My clients, when in the process of making decisions of what they like to use in their home, it comes down to three basic items:

Sealing Granite

Seal or not to seal, and that really gets back to granite. Generally granite has to be sealed and quartz does not. So if you don’t like the extra maintenance, granite might be your option.

Appearance of Granite & Quartz

Granite happens to be a little more fluid. On the other hand, Quartz is a little more man-made.  It’s not as fluid. You can get a varying degree of look in similar stone.  Even though different parts of that same quarry where it was mined.

Durability of Granite & Quartz

Consequently, I think there is a little bit of favorites shown to quartz here. Since it is pressed together, it seems to be a little bit heavier.  A little denser.  It can take a little bit more wear and tear.

These are the couple of different options that I found that most of my customers have to weigh.  In conclusion, these are the most important questions that they weigh. Thanks again, send in your burning questions and I’ll put them out.

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