Assisted living facilities are home to their residents; that is why housing upgrade ideas for assisted living are so important. You want your facility to be comfortable and welcoming to everyone who enters it, whether they’re the residents or visitors. 


Housing Upgrade Ideas for Assisted Living 

Nursing homes are becoming more and more like fancy high-end hotels. They are well decorated and welcoming because they are supposed to be home to their residents. That is why you should consider making some improvements to your facility. The areas you need to focus on the most are the entryway, waiting or reception rooms, guest rooms, all the common or main areas, and hallways.

Entryway Upgrade Ideas

When people walk through the doors, you want them to like what they see. Make that entrance pop with an amazing floor and freshly painted walls. This is a high traffic area and is going to require a good deal of frequent attention.

Waiting/Reception Room Upgrades

Visitors and potential residents will spend quite a bit of time here, and you want them to be comfortable. Most people like to dress these areas up with a waterfall, large plants, great upholstery, beautiful colors and textures, artwork, and good lighting. The more you can make this area inviting, the better. Even the scents within this area will impact the people that come there. You want to please all the senses as much as possible. The more senses you invite, the more success you will have.

Assisted Living Guest Room Upgrade Ideas

Other important places to keep up with are the guest or visitor rooms. Make sure these spaces are fresh and clean, much like a hotel room. The cleaner and fresher they are, the more inviting they will be and the more chance you have they will choose your community when they are ready for retirement. 

Upgrade Ideas for Main Areas, Common Areas, & Hallways

Most people don’t realize how much wear and tear high traffic areas get on a daily basis. It’s really important to keep these areas clean. However, this is an ongoing task that never seems to end. There are always wheelchairs and carts running into the walls, as well as people continually touching them. Use products that will help you to maintain these areas. The perfect products for this might be a little more expensive, but you will get a longer-lasting and much better-looking space when you invest in them. 

Another area you need to keep clean and fresh that is also a very common area is the dining room. Click here for my post on Senior Living Facility | Dining Room Painting.

Lotz of Logic

Your nursing home or assisted living facility should be like home to the residents that live there. You want to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible. Hopefully, these housing upgrade ideas for assisted living help you to make your buildings better for those living there now and those that will live there in the future.

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