How to Clean Walls

Cleaning Walls and Ceilings

Cleaning walls and ceilings becomes important when one of the kids squirts mustard or gets dirt on the walls. This is especially frustrating when this happens right after getting the walls and ceilings painted by a professional contractor. Sometimes, your ceilings need to get washed or cleaned because of situations like spiders being killed or a football was tossed across the room and scuffed it up.  So, let’s talk about how to clean walls and ceilings.

Warm Water & Soft Cloth

What do you do to clean and remove it? Well first, don’t panic! So if it’s something that has just happened, take a nice soft cloth with some warm water and wipe it off. No problem. But let’s just say someone did this while you were at work or out for the evening. Now it’s dried and caked onto your freshly painted walls. Again no problem.

How to Clean Walls – Don’t Scrub

Patience is your best friend here. Take that soft cloth with warm water and apply to the stain. Don’t scrub or use any abrasive motion. You will burnish the wall. Be patient. If it doesn’t come off, repeat until the food or stain is soften. Remember, water is one of the most universal cleaning solutions in the world when washing is needed.  

Using Quality Paint in High Traffic Areas

Here is another tip. I highly recommend using the best quality materials and finishes in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms. My reasons why are two-fold. First, when better quality materials are first painted onto your interior walls, they tend to dry into a more durable surface and then clean up better.

Repainting Might Be the Only Option

Secondly, if for some reason you can’t remove a stain, you might have to just repaint.  I find that higher quality paints tend to touch up better than their less expensive counterparts. Just a friendly reminder to the family that has the newest addition in their home, especially the four-legged type.  I have three dogs, and they can also play havoc on your walls, and especially the trim work.  Paint in the pet areas with the highest quality paint so you can touch-up when needed.

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