Excessive moisture in the bathroom is one of the biggest challenges the majority of homeowners face within their bathroom. It’s important to know why it’s happening and how to reduce moisture in the bathroom


How to Reduce Moisture in the Bathroom

The problem might not be coming from your showerhead or tub spout. You must locate the issue so that you can know how to reduce moisture in the bathroom. Many people just cover it up, but merely covering it up is only going to cause you more trouble in the future such as wood rot or mold and mildew.  There are three other things that can cause moisture issues in your bathroom. 

  1. You have worn out the exhaust fan.
  2. It is not vented correctly.
  3. Poorly insulated.

Moisture Problems and Solutions

Exhaust fans are essential for getting the moisture out of your bathroom. Chances are your fan is old and worn out, so it isn’t doing its job as well as it used to. Getting a new one that is the right size for your space should help to reduce moisture in the bathroom.

The second thing that could be causing excessive moisture is bad ventilation. If you have proper ventilation, then the hot moist air will rise straight out of your bathroom, but if you have lousy ventilation, it isn’t going to go anywhere. So while you are replacing your exhaust fan take a look and make sure you have the needed ventilation. 

Sometimes the moisture can be caused by poorly-insulated ceiling and walls. If you have inadequate insulation, it can cause mold and mildew. Check the outside wall where the ceiling meets the wall and check to see if it is colder than the other walls. This will tell you if it is not insulated correctly. Fill those cold spots with some kind of insulation. 

Lotz of Logic

How to reduce moisture in the bathroom is an important thing to know. By getting ahead of it and fixing it at the source of the problem rather than just covering it up, you will save yourself many headaches in the future. 

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