Interior paint colors are a very important decision you can make.

How can food inspire us to paint our homes?  Well, this St. Patrick’s Day Reuben sandwich has inspired these Sherwin Williams five interior paint colors.  Let’s check them out.

Every room in your home should reflect either your design style or evoke emotion.  You have two options:

  1. Have the interior paint color be the main theme; or
  2. Use the furniture and accessories be the focal color

Interior Paint is Main Focal Point

If you decide the interior paint color is going to be the focal point and theme for the room, then you shouldn’t overboard with the other items in the room, otherwise, they can compete with each other.

Furniture Being Focus

If you decide to have the walls be more subtle, then the furniture can be the focal point instead, almost like actors in a play.  I prefer to have the walls being more subdued.  My rugs, throw pillows or vases then play as the primary color.  If you go this route, then sometimes it’s playful to paint a niche in that room so that it showcases the colors going on in the vases and throw pillows as well (a great way to tie it all in) or to have a whole wall have the accent color.

Either way, you can’t go wrong.  I think the only way you can go wrong is by overdoing it with the wall interior paint color.  What I mean is that you can have too many rooms having too many colors that don’t go together.  Each room can have too strong of a change-up in color without any central themes going between the rooms.  Just be smart when picking out colors.  That’s where it is sometimes worth the time and money to hire a color specialist or an interior designer who can guide you with the color decisions.

Rest assured, if you mess up, it’s just painting.  You can paint over it, so you aren’t stuck forever.  That’s the nice thing about painting.  Unlike furniture, which can be pretty costly and you are sort of ‘stick with it’ because of your financial investment, you can play around with paint a bit until you get it right.

Paint Color Suggestions from Sherwin Williams

Check out these five Sherwin Williams interior paint colors shown in our photo above and see which ones might work for you:

  • Dirty Martini, Sherwin Williams #9119
  • Rhumba Orange, Sherwin Williams #6642
  • Dried Edamame, Sherwin Williams #9112
  • Uber Umber, Sherwin Williams #9107
  • Roycroft Copper Red, Sherwin Williams #2839

So get adventurous with your home, whether you paint your walls in a Sherwin Williams grey or a Benjamin Moore Green. It’s time to have your home come alive again and painting your walls an adventurous, fun color can be just the start you need.  Mark and I always feel when you Upgrade Your Home, You Upgrade Your Life™.  

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