Interior Paint Colors: Do the Paint Color Look Exactly Like the Paint Chart?

Interior Paint Colors:  So you finally have decided to paint your great room or foyer. You’ve picked out the interior paint color but after the painter has painted one of the walls, you are thinking to yourself, “This can’t be the color I picked out. It looks different.”

Paint Charts Too Small?

Here are a few things to take into consideration when selecting a color especially on the interior of your home. First, the paint chart swatch you picked from is only 2 inches by 2 inches. That’s just really not enough to make a judgment call.  We recommend that you pick up a couple of different sample pints at your local paint store. It’s much more cost-effective than repainting the whole room a second time. Put samples up in different areas of the room: in the well-lit areas and in the darker areas. Now stand back and look at the sample. But cover up with your hands looking through your fingers the remaining wall that’s not painted. You would be surprised at how different a color looks on that existing paint that is there now.

Lighting Plays a Huge Role

You know there are different types of lighting available today: that being between LED, halogen, cool or warm bulbs, 2700K, 3500K.  Paint looks so much different under all of these.

Everyone’s Vision is Different – Interior Designer

Finally, interior paint colors are very subjective to the human eye. One person might see green and the other might see a gold tone. If you’re not comfortable trusting your color choices, it would be beneficial to bring in a professional designer. You’d be surprised how cost-effective it is and takes that pressure and the burden of selecting a color off of your shoulders.

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