Interior painting is something you have to have eventually done.  But is there a rule to how often you should have the interior painted?

Well, there really is no hard and fast rule here but what we find is that there are three reasons why people decide to have the interior painting of their home completed.  [VIDEO below.]

Outdated Interior Painting Colors

First, outdated interior painting colors.  You are ready to move on, in fact, sick of the current color you have. It’s time to choose a new interior paint color. What we recommend here is something neutral that can last a longer period and you can change accents in the rooms like pictures, lamps, and throw pillows.  Below is an image of some neutral interior painting colors from Benjamin Moore.  You can see that even though they are neutral, they can still be stunning. 

High Traffic Areas in Your Home?

Second, it gets down to wear and tear. What kind of abuse does your home take? Pets.  Depending on the number of pets, they can tear up your trim work with their claws by the front door keeping the mailperson or landscaper at bay.  Do you have children or grandchildren?  If so, you don’t mind having the kids and their friends over to the house, but they will almost certainly get their sticky fingers on the walls as they are going up the stairs or coming out of the shower.  What are your high traffic areas?  For most the highest traffic is the entry, staircase, and the kitchen. We recommend a high-quality paint used in these regions.

TIP:  Before you paint make sure you prepare the room properly so that you can have the best finished paint job possible. 

Home Going on the Market?

Third, you might be considering selling your home. You want to have the interior painting done before putting it on the market.  You also want to paint the interior in something that’s neutral; that’s going to work for everyone and sell your house even quicker. Click here for my post on Should I Remodel or Just Sell My House. 

These are just a few of many reasons to have the interior painting done on your home. Give us a call if you need any help.  If you have any questions that you need answers to send in your BurningQuestions, and I’ll put them out.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on getting your home’s interior painted, give me a call.   My team and I have been serving Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, River West, Near West Side, Printers Row, Dearborn Park, Gold Coast, Lake Shore East, New East Side, Streeterville, Near North, Loop, Old Town, River North, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.