Interior Wall Painting:  Does It Make Sense to Paint Ceilings at the Same Time?

Most homeowners call me to get an estimate to paint the family room, great room, or foyer entry area of their home. They originally call me looking for an estimate for interior wall painting.  Painting the interior walls can really be a way to liven up any home, refresh it, and give it a  nice, clean feeling again.

I typically advise that they might want to consider to also have their ceilings painted as well, at the same time. Over the past 30+ years, I cannot tell you how many times my clients are disappointed they didn’t paint the ceiling at the same time.  Afterward, that ceiling that never got painted, now looks old, dirty, and drab looking compared to the newly painted interior walls.

Interior Wall Painting


It makes more economical sense too to paint the ceilings at the same time as the walls because of the cut-in time for the painting team.  You can not only get a completely freshened up look by painting both the interior walls & ceilings, but you can add some flare the typical ‘ceiling white’ color.

Color & Flare

Sometimes going with the ceiling white colors is a wonderful way to contrast the wall colors chosen.  But sometimes, it’s really neat to have some of that wall color just be added a tiny bit to the ceiling white, to give it a hue of color.

So the next time you are considering getting your home’s interior wall painting done, think twice and get the ceilings painted at the same time.  You won’t regret it.  Plus it cleans off those shoe marks on the ceilings when your husband killed that annoying spider!  Ha!

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