Adding something to the end of your island is a way to make your kitchen really stand out from all the others around.  Let’s look at Island End Cap Kitchen Remodel Options in the video below:


Island End Cap Kitchen Remodel Options

There are some really cool things you can add to either end of your island in your kitchen.  These are called “end caps” to your island.

If the end cap is near your stove, then consider adding in a display rack for your favorite platters or even a spice rack you can have instant access to.  Also, this is a convenient place to display your favorite cookbooks too.

If the end cap you want to add is near your family room, a sophisticated but useful idea is adding in a wine rack.  

Also, we can’t forget about the pets.  Pets are being incorporated into many kitchen remodeling projects.  At the end cap, have their food and water station set up.  That way, the whole family can eat at the same time.

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