Find out your kitchen island purpose so that it can serve your family even better than it does now.  Then, when remodeling, you can have the correct size and shape of kitchen island installed.  Let’s go over some lists and check out this video below of kitchen island ideas and shapes.


Kitchen Island Ideas and Shapes

To determine the right kitchen island, you’ll need to know the following:

  1.  The main purpose of your current island is used for.  
  2.  Sinks and Stoves – do you want to move them over to the island?
  3.  What kitchen island shape would work best for your family?

Purposes for Most Kitchen Islands

Most people use their kitchen island for meal preparation.  You can spread your food out and work on a huge slab of granite or quartz with no appliances getting in the way.  Some couples use their kitchen island for entertaining.  What I mean by that is that they serve cocktails at the island and have appetizers laid out real inviting on.  And some super busy families with a dozen activities going on any given day use their kitchen island to quick eat at, almost right out of the pantry or fridge.  All of these purposes are the most common I’ve seen.  

Sinks and Stoves at your Kitchen Island

Many people are installing preparation sinks at their kitchen island.  If they use their island for food preparation, it just makes sense to have a preparation sink right there for the produce garbage.  The main sink is typically leftover by the dishwasher.  And if you want to move your stove over to the island if you like to entertain and eat there, then most couples have the countertop raised for people to eat at, and the stovetop is lower.

Kitchen Island Shapes

The most common still for kitchen islands are the rectangle, but many couples are now having a square island installed.  If you are thinking of a squared island, look into the squared island with a radius at one end.  This can serve as a great eat-in area.  And not so common, but really neat are l-shaped or j-shaped islands.  Of course, these will be the more expensive just due to the fact of the unique design and how the granite or slab will have to be cut.

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Final recap – Whatever shape or size of the kitchen island you choose, it will a great addition to your home.  Kitchen islands are so useful and great for entertaining too.  I love our kitchen island since we decided to enlarge it quite a bit.  Now we use the island for so many purposes.  The best investment you will make!

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