Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Sink Styles and Trends. What are the current trends in kitchen sinks?  I get asked fairly often by my customers what sink would be best for them.  Well, honestly, that would be something they need to answer.  Every family is different and there honestly is a sink for each type of family.


Popular Kitchen Sink Styles

Let me tell you what we’re installing and what I’m seeing in the marketplace. We are seeing a lot of the following:

  • Solid surface countertops such as granite and quartz with under mount sinks or apron style sinks.  Most of the under mount sinks are made of 3 types of materials;
  • Stainless steel sinks are the most popular sink type we install;
  • Acrylic sinks are our next most popular sink style; 
  • Composite sinks such as Kohler’s Neoroc, which is a combination of quartz, resins, and hardeners formed under extreme temperatures; and
  • On occasion, we have installed hammered copper sinks.

Kitchen Sink Depths

As far as depth goes, the deeper the bowl the better. This gives you more area to leave those extra dishes if you don’t feel like cleaning them or putting in the dishwasher.

Number of Sink Bowls

When It comes to the number of sink bowls, two bowls is still the standard. On occasion we find some customers that just like to have a one-bowl sink, That’s what I installed in my kitchen and really seems to work best for our family’s needs.

While talking with vendors recently, there is a slight uptick in Corian sinks that are integrated with Corian countertops. It’s a little more pricey than your standard stainless steel but a great product none-the-less and incredibly durable. For the last 30 years, we have not seen much of a change in kitchen sinks.  We find that price, durability, and quality of material generally drive our customer’s selections.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on replacing your sink or any other kitchen projects, give me a call.   My team and I would love to be of service to the Northwest Indiana communities such as St John, Long Beach, Beverly Shores, Lake of the Four Seasons, Schererville, Kreitzburg, Michigan City, Grand Beach, and New Buffalo, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.

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