What is your laundry room used for?  Most would say just to do the laundry, right?  Or maybe that place where you can dump your dirty laundry when unexpected guests show up.  Or perhaps you can toss in the extra shoes from the kids or grandchildren. To sum up, it tends to be mostly used as an unorganized area of your home.

Let’s figure out a few ways to utilize that laundry room (mudroom) in a more efficient manner.  Install a laundry room bench with cubby and shoe storage.

Laundry Room Bench with Cubby

Closed Cabinet – You can hang your extra jackets in a closed-cabinet.  The kind of cabinet that has doors. What’s nice about this is that you can close the doors, and the room instantly looks immaculate.

But those extra doors to close will cost you more.  It is just more cabinet material you are paying for.

Open Locker Style Cabinet – So if you are on a budget, you might want to consider installing the open locker style cabinets.  This still keeps everything super organized, but a bit less expensive.

Overhead Cubby – And with those open lockers, the overhead open cubby area works wonderful.  You can store your sport helmets, caps, or winter gloves and hats.  And if you want to cater to your dog or cat, you could switch your mudroom over to a pet-friendly area.

Mudroom Bench – And if you are going to the extent of installing or building a storage unit in your mudroom, then you should also install a seated bench in the laundry room area as well.  Having a place to take off shoes or boots in the wintertime is a wonderful option.  Or a place to rest after coming in from a long run outside would be great too.

Shoe Storage – Another great tip is to install below the locker or cabinet area is individual shoe storage.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find your gym shoes or winter boots when you need them in a hurry?  This shoe storage area could be the place to store those go-to shoes you always seem to need in a hurry.

Phone Charging Station – If you finally have a well organized mudroom after installing extra cabinets or lockers, then having a place to charge your phone, iPad, or computer would be wonderful, especially if you used a new updated electrical outlet.   

Lotz of Logic – Recap Time

Just image being able to come into your home, take off your shoes and jacket.  And have your individual space to hang or store them away.  Better yet, having a charging station you can quickly get your phone recharged for the night or morning. To top it off, to have an organize space so that in the morning when you have to leave quickly for work.  You’d know for a fact that you can find your phone, shoes, keys, and umbrella.

Well, this can be a very achievable goal to have.  Just invest a few dollars into your mudroom and install some cabinets, shoe storage area, a seated bench and overhead cubby area. And with just a few more dollars, you can have extra electrical outlets installed in each cubby area. Let’s get you organized this year.  You’ll be so happy you invested not only in your home, but in yourself.

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