Lighting Up Your Ceilings & Rooms

LED Recessed Lighting: This is just one type of can lights that is available. But electrical lighting is a vast sea of information and types of lighting available. We are going to focus on just LED recessed lighting today.

Why Choose LED Lights?

Before talking about can lights, let’s address why you should consider LED lights.  You currently probably have light bulbs in a room that ranges from compact fluorescent lights or incandescent lights.  LED is probably a better bet and the latest technology.  What are the benefits of LED lights?

  • Cuts down the cost of electricity
  • Doesn’t require as much energy as the older version of lights

Good lighting is essential, especially for people aging in place. 

Great for Tight Spaces

What tight spaces am I talking about?  Such as basements with drop ceilings.  This is a great place to install LED recessed lighting because an electrician has to workaround ductwork – so these go in tight spaces.  Another tight space is hallways where you just need to install one or two lights.  They also provide great lighting in the kitchen.  The biggest downside to LED recessed lighting is that they need to be installed by a professional.  It entails both electrical installation, drywall repair, and painting.  It’s a multi-step process.  Another downside is the cost.  It can be pretty costly to have all of the previously mentioned work done.  You have to way your options.

Benefits of LED Recessed Lighting

So what are the benefits of LED recessed lighting and why would you go through this process? Not only are they a great way to update rooms in your house like the kitchen but they are also great for the following:  

  • No dusting of lights – they are installed up, in the ceiling
  • Gives a nice even, warm path in your room
  • Most have a dimmer switch available, giving you lighting options in the room

Mark’s Favorite

If Mark could recommend one type of LED Recessed Lighting, his recommendation would be Juno brand

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