Mark Lotz – Outstanding Coach of the Year Award

Congratulations to Mark Lotz, Naperville business owner of Lotz Home & Office.  On Wednesday, Mark was awarded Outstanding Football Coach of the Year for In-House Football.  This award ranged for coaches teaching the sport from first grade through eighth grade.  The parents of the community, as well as the Plainfield Junior Cats Board Members nominated five coaches, and gave the award to Mark.

Every fall, Mark donates his spare time to the Plainfield area youth football program.  Two nights a week and on Sundays, Mark helps the young boys of Plainfield learn the game of football.  Mark loves football and wants to teach these young boys to love the sport as well.  Mark tells the young boys that he wants them to (1) have fun; (2) learn the fundamentals of football; and (3) to want to come back next year to play again. Mark feels that if the boys don’t have fun, then when they reach their peak in football by high school, too many good players drop out of the sport.  Mark works the boys hard but also does fun games throughout the week.


Mark Lotz, Outstanding Coach of the Year

Mark has three boys himself, and they all played football. Mark has been donating his time for 10 years to the Plainfield football program in his free time.  It’s really nice to see some of these boys that Mark coached in 3rd grade nine years prior and now Mark will run into them at a high school game, and they all remember Mark and greet him with kind words.  Mark always lights up when he sees one of his previous boys he had coached and sees them playing in high school with great gusto.  Every football season, he has the young boys not only focus on football skills, but has a new virtue that they work on each week.

This is just one example of the wonderful character of Mark Lotz.

Congratulations Mark for giving back to the Plainfield area community and to the young boys.  Pictured is Mark doing a drill with the third grade boys.

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