No-VOC Paints

No-VOC paints. What is so great about painting with no-VOC paint and should I use them in my next painting project when painting your walls or painting your ceilings

What Does VOC Mean?

So let’s quickly talk about what is a no-VOC paint. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. It kind of sounds nasty and serious. Let me try to best describe what this is. When you apply a latex paint, and as it is drying, the moisture is evaporating. That paint smell is the VOC, volatile organic compounds evaporating into the air. I’m not going to get very technical here because of there are so many different compounds in paint and other household materials such as carpeting, wood flooring, and cabinets.

Federal & State Regulations on Paints

Federal and state governments have regulated the amount of VOCs that can be contained in paint, and those are called low-VOC paints. And there are also no-VOC paints that are a step further. They generally have little or no odor to speak of. This was done on the basis of having a cleaner environment. The purpose was to replace the solvent-based materials with extremely bad odors that it would be unbearable to work in unless you had the proper ventilation equipment.

No-VOC Paints are Good Choice for Asthmatics & Pregnant Women

So we have found that our customers that are severe asthmatics or even pregnant, feel much more comfortable knowing they have two options, low-VOC or no-VOC paints. If you are concerned about which one to choose, make sure you ask your professional contractor about the differences in the material that’s being used in your home or office.

I run across a lot of my customers that think it’s silly to ask this question. But I’m a firm believer in the more and correct information the consumer has about VOC paints, the better the decision they can make for themselves and their families. Thanks again for joining us. Send in your Burning Questions and I will put them out.

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P.S.  Once you get your interior of the house painted, always keep the walls and ceilings clean.  Mark shows you how to keep your walls and ceilings clean in this video.