What is the best paint to use in my bathroom?

Paint questions and what type to use are asked of me every day.  I hear this all the time when I’m out for estimates, so I wanted to answer the question this week. Welcome to BurningQuestions where I answer all your questions that I hear each week out in the field where you need a painting & remodeling experts advice.

I find that when asked this question, really what the customer is looking for is answers to several challenges.

Check out my video below:

Outside Walls are Cold

The first challenge you might be facing is that your outside walls are cold.  Water can condense on the surface especially in times of cold weather outside, especially in the Chicagoland area. Here, peeling paint and mold can form, so our solution is to open it up, re-insulate it, and close it back up.

Mold on the Bathroom Ceiling

Your second challenge is mold on the ceiling which can also be due to lack of proper insulation as well as the lack of proper venting. Your vent pipe might not be vented properly to the outside of your home, and the hose might be kinked, or you might have the wrong size exhaust vent.

Constant Traffic in Bathroom

Thirdly, it gets back to the use of the bathroom: splattering of toothpaste, soap, and mouthwash onto the walls, so folks are looking for a product that can hold up to the constant traffic in the bathroom. We like to use Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa or Sherwin Williams Duration Home.

Unfortunately, there can be many reasons why you are having issues in your bathroom.  Before painting, let us help you figure out what the solutions are to the problems you are having in your bathroom.  If Brenda and I can help you out with your bathroom concerns, give us a call. If you have any BurningQuestions, send them in, and I’ll put them out.

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