Painting interior of house, how often should you repaint the interior of your home.

How Often to Paint Interior?

Painting the interior of the house should be done as often as you really want to.  It’s as easy as that.  Sounds silly, but there isn’t any true “necessary” maintenance of your interior walls, other than cleaning them occasionally.  If your family is large or has many pets and you are rough on your home, you might need to bump that up to every two to four years.

Painting Interior of House Every Six to Eight Years

Really, the only real necessary rule of thumb is every six to eight years.  This is for keeping up with the design color trends. You don’t want your home to look outdated.  Honestly, just think about dinner parties and when guests come over for the holidays, I’d suggest painting every 6-8 years.  

Special Events to Paint Interior of House

There are a few special events to get your home painting.  You might want to paint for weddings, holiday parties, graduation, putting your home on the market, or painting prior to moving into a new house. Whenever you paint it, be sure to prepare the room properly

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