Preparing a Room for Interior Painting

Preparing a room for interior painting.  How should you prepare a room prior to painting it?  When we are working in our customers’ homes, we try to take a methodical approach to preparing your project from the very beginning. So let’s talk today about how to prepare for an interior painting project.  Check out my video below:

Step 1:  Remove Furniture, Pictures & Electronics

The night before, we ask the homeowner to remove anything on furniture that needs to be removed. We don’t want something to accidentally fall off a china cabinet or dresser top. We ask the homeowner to take off pictures and artwork off of the walls and remove any electronics such as TVs, stereos, computer equipment, and sentimental items completely out of the work area.

Step 2:  Staging Area & Covering with Plastic

The next day, when we arrive, we always like to set up a staging area at the entry of the home which should be the foyer, garage or any room that the homeowner would like to put our material and equipment in. The first thing we like to do is make sure everything gets drop clothed completely. We cover with plastic items such as handrails, light fixtures, or even window treatments.

Step 3:  Trim Work, Sanding Walls & Repairs

Now, we like to mask off the trim work with tape, sand down the walls, and trim work, and sand any drywall repairs done earlier. As a side note, if your project requires plenty of drywall repairs, we generally like to bring in our air scrubber to suck up any additional dust that floats in the air to minimize cleanup at the end of the project.

Preparing a Room for Interior Painting is Key

I really do believe in my experience working in our customer’s homes that preparation is vital to having a job well-done. It’s not just about the paint color or price of the paint you use. Customers often comment that they didn’t realize how much is involved without the actual painting even being started. Thanks again for joining us. Send in your Burning Questions, and I will put them out.

If you enjoyed this video, check out my other videos on my YouTube channel where I have made 70+ videos on home repairs and renovation advice.  This one is great to watch. 

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