Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting is one of the most-asked-for upgrades when doing a home improvement project.  Gone are the old can lights or floor lights.  Now the LED recessed lights are the latest interior design trend.  But do you have enough room up in your ceiling to have recessed lights installed?  I will recommend a brand of lights that are a dream to install.  Finally, I will let you know some possible additional projects that must be done at the same time such as ceiling painting.

Out with the Can Lights and in with the LED Lights

Recessed lighting has come a long way with the evolution of the LED light fixtures. We find in most cases that your traditional recessed lights will work in most spaces. Check your clearance for your average recess can lights.  If you don’t have enough space, we have a recommendation from recently used in a basement project.

LED Juno Lights

In a recent basement project, we had limited space but the client really wanted to have LED recessed lighting installed.  We had only a 5-inch clearance.  So we used a 2-inch aperture LED light by Juno Lighting Group. This LED product needs just under five inches of clearance with its flexible driver.  This makes this a much more flexible installation than your traditional recessed can.

Recessed Lighting – Benefits of LEDs

And I think you will be very pleasantly surprised by the light and warmth.  It comes from this little 2-inch fixture.  It’s best to have this type of project done while an electrician is out at your home doing other projects. This is the most cost-effective way to take advantage of this remodeling project. Recessed lighting works great if you are finishing off your basement.

Other Costs Involved

Drywall repairs will need to be done and can add some additional costs.  This involves installation, patching, taping, and sanding a few times.  This can be a 2-3 day process just for the drywall itself.  If not done properly, when you paint, it will look horrible.  Now is not the time to go cheap with a cheap drywaller.  Make sure you get an experienced one.  The final step of this project is the interior painting of the ceilings where you just had the lights installed and drywall repaired.

It might seem like a lot of work, but once completed, you will have years of enjoyable living space of added warmth, comfort, and economical electrical lights in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or any other room in your home.

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Recessed lights can add tremendous value to your home. Mark's video tells how the new lights available are small enough to fit in anyone's ceiling.