Remodeling – Who knew you had two choices?

The two choices you have really depend upon your budget and how long you plan on staying in your home.  You have to totally factor that into your decision so that you get the best return-on-investment.  These choices are blueprint plan or footprint plan.  A city permit might need to be pulled.  What is the difference between a footprint remodeling project and a blueprint remodeling project?

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Remodeling – Footprint Plan

So let me explain the difference between the two remodeling types of projects. Let’s start with the footprint plan. It’s pretty simple. We are just changing out surfaces. What I mean by that is we are changing out the old for the new in reference to kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, old wood flooring or tiled floors, old countertops, plumbing fixtures, etc. 

Quick Tip:  If you do the footprint plan you can then donate your old kitchen or bathroom furnishings or reuse them in another part of your home.

But why would you consider a footprint plan for your home instead of a blueprint plan? Frankly, we find that the footprint plan is great for our homeowners that are either on a more limited budget or are looking to stay in their homes a little be less time. This would be great to change the look of your home and get a greater return on investment when it comes time for reselling your home.

City Permit:  Blueprint Plans

Now let’s talk about the blueprint plan. The difference is that folks are just not real happy with the configuration of their existing space, such as the kitchens or bathrooms. So obviously, that goes back to having a blueprint, getting permits, and changing up the configuration to meet that individual’s lifestyle. Now, we understand that this generally costs a little bit more than the footprint plan, but when you choose this plan, you realize that. You know you are planning on staying in your home longer, and don’t mind spending a bit more to change up the layout of that room in lieu of walls being moved, moving plumbing, moving electrical, etc.

So which plan are you choosing for your next kitchen remodel or bathroom remodeling project, a footprint plan or a blueprint plan? Call us today and I’d be happy to come out and walk you through your options.  Send in your burning questions, and we’d love to answer them and put them out. #BurningQuestions.

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