Remodeling projects can seem to take a long time.

So, why do remodeling projects seem to take so long? Well, the key word is “seem”. A kitchen or bathroom project shouldn’t take long if they are scheduled correctly.  Welcome to #BurningQuestions, I’m Mark Lotz, a remodeling and painting contractor in Naperville for 28 years, and I answer all of your painting & remodeling questions that you need an expert’s advice.  Check my video below:

 Some underlying elements you might want to consider

  • surprises from previous contractors;
  • drying times from various finishes;
  • custom finishes; and
  • city permits

Let’s talk about each one individually.

Remodeling Surprises from Previous Contractors

Let’s start with right after the remodeling demolition. Sometimes you have to open up a wall and don’t figure in for previous placement of pipes from a former contractor. If the old contractor placed the pipe in a rather unusual location, then that pipe would need to be moved.  Being in business in the Naperville area for 28 years, you’d be surprised to find problems from previous builders like the one I mentioned that add some extra time to your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

Remodeling – Drying Times on Various Finishes

You also need to factor in drying times on various finishes such as tile grout, tile mortar, drywall compound, and paint. Drying time can seem to slow down a project because they need time to cure or set up, but necessary nonetheless.

Custom Finishes

Let’s go on to custom finishes such as countertops, shower doors, and mirrors. These require a custom measure and fit that need to individually be made for your kitchen or bathroom.

City Permits

Then we move on to city permits. If needed, we have to have the city or village come in to inspect the project. Permits can indeed slow down your project because your project might be stalled a bit since it is at the whim of the city, their schedule, and their inspector’s schedule.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my video.  So these are some of the many challenges that can be experienced in remodeling projects that seem to slow it down. In fact, they don’t but are just part of the process of updating your home. Call today and we’d be happy to help you.  Send in your #BurningQuestions and I’ll put them out.

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