Restain Cedar Siding – Frequency when Staining?

Restaining cedar siding needs to be done to the siding over the years. But how often?  Mark explains in the video below. I usually get asked this question when a homeowner has a rough sawn cedar home.

[ click on middle of picture below to play video that Mark made about frequency of re-staining your cedar home } 

Type of Stain Matters

Here’s a quick answer for you. First, let’s talk about the type of stain: transparent to semi-transparent and a solid body stain. If I’m using a semi-transparent stain, I find a good maintenance coat if done from day one is every three years with a one coat application.Then let’s say you go a little bit beyond that, and you want to change the color of the house.  Let’s look at probably two coats of stain every five years.

Let’s go over to the solid body stain.  A good maintenance coating is one coat of stain of the same color every five years. There again, if you are looking to do a color change or you had prolonged maintenance, you’re probably looking at two coats of stain every eight years. Now there are a couple of factors to figure in here.  First for the semi-transparent stain, you’re going to stain your house more frequently just due to the nature of that product.

Changing Color Matters

The second would be color.  A lighter color is going to be more desirable for the length of redoing your home.  Darker colors tend to fade a lot quicker.  

Location of Your Home Factors In

Third, the location of your home and the location of trees around the home. If your home is protected with a lot of tree cover, you’re going to find that you might get 8 to 10 to possibly 12 years out of the solid-body stain.

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So these are some of the factors that really drive home what kind of product and what kind of finish you’re going to have on the exterior of your home.  Thanks again for joining us.  Please send us your #BurningQuestions, and I’ll put them out.

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